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PoryBot-Z offers a lot of different features for you to explore

Note: There are two different Versions of PoryBot-Z. The Basic version is free, while the Ultimate version is paid. They differ from available features. Please visit the pricing page for more information.

- Information

PoryBot-Z inlcudes serveral useful features for your FS' and Levelers/Farmers' needs, while using the newest technologies and AI, including a high level of security and safety.

It never modifies the game's code and interacts with the game client out of the box.

We are presenting you some of your highlighted features below.

Important: We can not mention every single feature here to prevent negative effects this eventually entails since these informations are public.

- LevelBot

Automatically targets and kills monsters of your choice including various advanced options to choose from:

- HealBot

Automatically follows the chosen target and supports it using automated Healing, (Self-)Buffing and resurrecting:

- Potions and F-Tool

The Potions feature uses potion items, such as Good, Pills, Refresher and Vital Drinks while the F-Tool automatically presses desired keys for you in an interval of your choice

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