đŸ‘ĨProfile Manager

The Profile Manager starts right before PoryBot itself and is used to create and select Profiles for your character(s)

  • Each Account/Character can have its own Profile. Every Profile contains their own PoryBot and ingame settings which will be saved and loaded.

  • To add a new Profile, simply click on "Add Profile (+)" and enter the name of the character you want to add, or something you can recognize:

Feel free to add multiple characters, as you can run more than just 1 PoryBot at the same time.

  • There is also a search bar, which makes it easier to find specific Profiles, especially if you have a lot of Profiles:

  • You may have noticed the "No proxy used" - button:

If you click on it, you can set up a Proxy which will run for this profile.

Important: - Never use free proxies! If someone else using the same free Proxy will get caught and banned, your account(s) will get chain-banned as well! - Proxies are for advanced users only! We are not providing basic support on how to use them. Google is your best friend :) - Proxies MUST support HTTPS and IPv4 as the game requires a secure connection!

A recommended Proxy provider is https://proxy6.net

  • Those settings should be selfexplaining. You will need to provide the corresponding Proxy Server IP given by your provider, as well as the port it uses. You'll also get a Username and Password used to access your Proxy. Toggle "Enable Proxy Connection" to enable this Feature after setting up.

Recommended Proxy usage: It's wise to use the same Proxy on one pair of characters.

A "pair" consists of 2 characters (LevelBot and HealBot), where both characters are being at the same spot, obviously leveling/supporting together.

Since it's easily to recognize those character belong to the same person, staff would surely punish both of them if it ever comes to it. This is why you don't need them to have different IPs/Proxies. They should share the same one. As for other characters or pairs, we recommend you to use a different Proxy, so that seperated characters/pairs have seperated proxies as well.

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