The Potions Feature automatically uses your consumable Items, such as Food, Pills, Refresher or Vital Drinks to heal once a desired percentage of HP/MP/FP has been reached

- Auto Potions HP|MP|FP

  • This Feature is really useful to keep up your HP/MP/FP using your desired Food/Potion items.

  • Let's say we want to heal our HP using Star Candies if 80% or less HP has been reached:

As you can see on the example above, i have set the Key to 7 and placed my Star Candies onto the slot number 7 on my taskbar.

  • Once toggled "Activate HP potion", PoryBot will use my Star Candies whenever my characters HP reached 80% or below. Pill, MP and FP just work identical:

Using all of the shown settings, PoryBot will use my Star Candies once my HP reached 80% or below and additionally uses Gold Pills once my HP reached 30% or below. It will also use my Refreshers to keep my MP above 35%. Since my character doesnt need FP, i will keep FP Potions empty as its not needed at all for my class.

  • You can optionally use this Feature without having the bot running(so you didn't press start), which is useful if you are using PoryBot-Z to play manually. Simply enable this Feature:

You may have noticed the Automatic Antidote Usage as well. This does exactly what it says:

- Premium Item Usage

  • First of all, enable the Feature:

Now activate your desired Premium Items from your Inventory, so they are shown on the screen(we call this "Premium Icons") just like this:

Important! >>>DO NOT<<< close/hide the Premium Icons, they must be present on the screen to work!

It can of course be behind other windows or UI elements. This is fine, as long as it is present on the screen and not hidden/closed!

Next, press the "Refresh Ingame Buffs"-Button, so PoryBot-Z can take a look at your Premium Icons(which you kept visible on the screen) and add those to the list:

Thats it! PoryBot-Z will now keep your desired Premium Buff Items activate and re-activates those.

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