💔Critical Healing

Critical Healing works similar to Healing, but additionally takes care of a critical amount of HP and can also take care of your own HP. It casts a Healing Loop for a few seconds of your choice.

Important: It is required to use the Gold Theme in the game in order to use the HealBot and it's features!

  • Put the Healing or Heal Rain Skill into a slot on your taskbar and select the same Key in PoryBot:

  • Let's say we want to trigger Critical once the targets HP reached 25% or below. Simply use the trackbar, just like that:

  • Now we can choose the time(in seconds) how long the Healing Loop will take. If you put in "3", like in this example, the Healing Loop duration will be 3 seconds:

Optionally, you can enable "Trigger if own HP is below", which add another trigger for your OWN HP. It allows you to choose a different Key, which may be useful for Heal Rain as well.

  • Put in a Heal Key(can be the same as before) and the desired amount of HP% and you are ready to go:

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