Buffing allows you to cast specific Buffs of your choice on the target and/or on yourself(only Ultimate), once those are not active or about to run out shortly

Important: It is required to use the Gold Theme in the game in order to use the HealBot and it's features!

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  • The Buffing feature is rather simple to set up and allows you to (re-)buff specific Buffs of your choice on the target and/or on yourself. It keeps tracks your Buffs, so if your desired Buffs are inactive or almost ran out, this feature will make sure these are automatically re-buffed.

Note: To (-re)buff on yourself using SelfBuff feature, you need to use the Ultimate version of PoryBot-Z.

  • We have added a list containing every possible Buff:

  • It works as easy as it looks! Choose your desired buff(s) that should be (re-)buffed once inactive on your target. You can do this by toggling the "Active" part. In this example we will use 7 different buffs:

  • If you want to keep those Buffs active on your HealBot's character as well, then you need to use the Ultimate Version of PoryBot-Z.

  • At last, we have to specify on which Keys of the ingame taskbar are your buffs being placed in. You can freely choose the F-Key Bar and the Key being used.

Note: The "F-Key Bar" determines the taskbar row you are using. There are 9 taskbar rows in the game, which can be switched by pressing the F1-F9 keys. You can set differents F-Key Bars for each Buff, which makes it as flexible as possible.

  • In this example, we will use two different F-Key Bars to demonstrate their usage:

As you can see, i have placed 3 of my desired Buffs onto my first F-Key Bar. Why only 3? - Because the rest of my Keys are already being used.

  • Now let's define this setup in PoryBot:

Pretty easy, right? Our other desired Buffs are going to be on the second F-Key Bar(by pressing F2 Ingame or the Arrow-Up button), just like this:

  • So finally, our settings for this example inside PoryBot should look like this:

That's it! You can at last optionally change the time each skill takes to cast if you are about to reach a decent timing. Keep it to default(1000 ms) if you don't know what you are doing:

  • NEW! You can now let PoryBot-Z automatically find all keys on your gamebard and auto-fill the Buffing list accordingly. It will also notice if your forgot some of the keys. Simple press the corresponding button:

- Manual Buffing on Request

We have learned how to setup automated (re-)buffing. If you are manually playing your Leveler and/or in some other situations(for example manual AOEing) it might be helpful to not automatically apply buff, but instead requesting it manually.

  • If you want to manually request buffs instead, simply switch to the "Manually" HealBot Mode:

After changing to "Manually", the HealBot will only Buff if the supported character performs the "Push Up", "Punch", "Run in Place" or "Shake butt" - Motion.

You can then simply use one of those motions on your Leveler and your HealBot will cast your desired Buffs.

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