We expect everyone(including Basic and Ultimate Users) to know and follow our Rules at any time!

Breaking Rules may end up in getting banned from our services!

  1. Do not report other botters! We are all sitting in the same boat, therefore we are not tolerating if a PoryBot-Z User reports other bots regardless of the reason(even if those are obviously using another bot than PoryBot-Z). If you are upset because other botters took your spot, just deal with it - First come, first served. It's important to note that asking other players if they are using bots is not allowed, as even this would be already enough evidence for us to ban you This kind of policy extends to Flyff Universe itself, where the Staff reserves the right to ban players based on such evidence (simply not responding is enough proof for them).

    So please keep in mind: For your own best, refrain from asking other players questions like "Are you a bot?" or anything similar!

  2. (Re)selling or sharing a License Key in any way is not allowed.

  3. Purchasing a License is ultimately a final decision. You will not get any kind of refund. If you are not happy with the service or something doesn't work out, you can always contact us to request help.

  4. All information, including news, update logs, videos, screenshots, or license key(s), must be kept strictly confidential and should never be shared with any unauthorized individuals. Keep any information about PoryBot-Z for yourself.

  5. Under no circumstances should our software be reverse engineered, decompiled, or modified in any way. We prioritize the importance of security and fairness in our practices.

  6. Refrain from posting any sensitive information, pictures, or videos within our Discord channels. You can expect GMs/Mods actively monitoring these channels, and such actions could potentially compromise the integrity of PoryBot-Z as well as your own security.

  7. Any form of advertising for other bots or similar software is strictly prohibited.

  8. We expect all users to engage in a friendly and respectful manner towards other bot users, particularly within our Discord server.

  9. We are not liable for licenses that may become invalid due to actions, such as resetting/reformatting your device, altering HWID (including the use of HWID Spoofers for other games), renaming your Windows Username, or modifying registry values. You are responsible for the availabiliy of your license regarding potential access loss due to actions mentioned above.

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