Our collection of frequently asked questions will help you understanding common things you should know about PoryBot-Z. Please make sure to read them carefully

Note: If you reach out the support, we will always expect you to know our F.A.Q's!

How to setup PoryBot-Z?

Follow the instructions given on our Wiki page: here

Do you provide Support?

Of course we are providing support for both Basic and Ultimate Version. However we are focussing on Ultimate Users as those have paid for the service and will always get our attention.

Our support mainly happens via > Discord< , where we are active and try to reply as fast as possible. Feel free to add "porybot" if you have any questions or need help.

What types of files I will get after purchasing?

You will get the same executable(.exe) file for both Basic and Ultimate Version. After purchasing you will additionally get a Serial Key for your License, which you can activate inside our Launcher executable to start your Ultimate experience! Please head over to our Instructions page for detailed information.

How to get future updates?

No matter which Version you are using, you will always get free updates automatically using our Launcher.

Where do i find the update logs?

Update - and Patchlogs are only accessible for Ultimate Users . You can reach out "porybot" on Discord to request access to our hidden channels. You will need to provide a valid Serial Key in order to confirm your license.

Why is my Antivir Software/Windows Defender flagging PoryBot-Z as malicious?

This is called a false-positive and happens due to the fact that our Bot is an unsigned executable and we are using a powerful software protection in order to protect our work from reverse engineering and other harmful actions. PoryBot-Z will never harm your PC in any way!

You will need to add an exception for PoryBot-Z to Windows Defender and other Antivir software you might use.

Google Login is not working. What should i do?

In order to use your Google Account to login to the game via PoryBot-Z, you will have to unlink it and make it a regular account.

Follow these steps:

1) On the login screen of Flyff Universe, click "Forgot Password" 2) Put in your Google E-Mail address 3) Go to the Google mail you received, click on the link and set a new password 4) From now you can use the regular Login with the Google E-Mail adress as account and the new password

Are VMs(Virtual Machines) allowed?

No. We are not supporting the usage of PoryBot-Z on virtual machines for multiple security related reasons. Therefore we won't provide any help and we might ban you if you try suspicious things.

Can i run the Bot in background so i can do other things?

Yes. Our Bot fully supports background usage even with multiple Clients opened. However we recommend to always keep an eye on the bot or at least be near it, to make sure you can respond if someone (in worst case a GM/Mod) tries to contact you ingame. We have made some features to support this on our Ultimate Version.

Is Android, IOS or Mac supported?

No. We are currently not supporting any other OS than Windows 10/11 (64bit)

Which other servers or pservers are supported?

PoryBot-Z is made for Flyff Universe only. If you are looking for other official or private server bots, please visit our website.

Which languages are supported?

Currently we do not support any other languages than English. This means you have to play the game in English as well.

Can i share my license to a friend or another device?

No. A license is bound to the first device it has been used at and cannot be transfered to another device or person. However you can open as many PoryBots as you want.

How do i transfer all my bot profiles to a different pc?

Once installed PoryBot on the other device(where you need a new license), you can copy the "ProfileConfig" and "Profiles" folder from PC A to PC B to transfer all your profiles.

Still Questions? Join our Discord Server!

>Join the Discord Server< and add "porybot" to your friend list. If you want to be updated with the lastest news, update logs and discuss with other botters, you can get access to the hidden PoryBot-Z channels after providing your valid serial key.

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